Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quiet Times...

During this quiet time on the blog (both with readers and my posts), it triggered me to think of how much I enjoy/need my personal quiet time.  Now, for most that may be reading, napping, or a little TV...for me, it is video game time.  I have been addicted to video games for the better part of the last 30 years.  Today's technology allows me to play online with headphones/mic, meet people, hold conversations, and, of course, play...and todays games are amazing.  I am currently most addicted to The Last of Us - a post-apocalyptic shooter...but really, it is much more than that.  Though I mainly play the Factions mode online, the story mode is intense.  I also LOVE Madden.  I have played this franchise since the very first release on the Sega Genesis.  I have owned and played every years game since.  Madden 25 is so good and in-depth that it can be overwhelming...I like my football that way.  It is a lot like the NFL regular season, lot's going on all the time.

So how does my addiction to video games relate to cancer?  Well, it is my "thing".  Whether you are a care-giver, patient, or just close the a patient, we tend to rely on our "thing" to find a moment of normalcy....whatever it is that is your "thing", embrace it when you need to.

One non-profit talks about "get back to living" post treatments...that can be damn near impossible, but could start with that one "thing" and can grow from there.

Do your thing.

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