Friday, September 13, 2013

Update - 9/15/2013

For the past two months especially, we have barely been getting by, often finding ourselves down to our last couple bucks far before pay-day comes around again.  Despite cutting back on groceries, fun money, and even turning up the thermostat, we are just having a tough time making ends meet.  Not sure how anyone in our country can survive on Disability or Social Security.  In most cases, friends and loved ones of someone fighting a grave cancer diagnosis may have no idea that, regardless of beating cancer or not, a cancer patients life is practically over, financially.  I refuse to believe that is it...there has to be better days ahead, just not sure exactly what I or anyone in my situation can do to push that process get to theses fabled "better days".  One organization talks about "Getting back to living" after cancer...yeah, unless you had a trust fund, healthy savings account, bunch of silver spoons, or vault full of gold, you may live beyond cancer but it will be far from "high on the hog".  I would bet a fair number of cancer patients, especially single ones, end up homeless, living and dependent on relatives, or just collapse under the intense pressure to be able to at least flipping take care of your own basic needs.  Still, though, our quality life is still far better then a perfectly healthy family in some other is still hard to watch everyone else's lives moving on, growing, and succeeding while you know that yours is in danger and in hock to cancer.  It is just messed up.  It is just, with all the other worries that come with cancer, the last thing you should have to worry about is how you will manage to keep food on your table or a roof over your head.

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