Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Another positive appointment!  After the last MRI, Melissa is still cancer free.  Even better, now she only have 1 MRI a year!  Happy day!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Credit, Schmedit...

Every few years, I get an itch to buy a home...then I'm not-so-kindly reminded that due to a few bad decisions well over a decade ago, cancer, and not one hand-out my entire life, I may never be able to buy a house. Kind of sad we live in country that truly only caters to those with money or just made all the right decisions. How are you supposed to build any wealth if you are denied all the things that can help you build it? After all, I pay more in rent (and have for 20+ years) then any mortgage I would get. I have worked hard, in good jobs, full time, for my entire adult life. No judgments, foreclosures, repo's...only some late payments, student loans (one of the two poor credit decisions of my life), car payment, and household bills. Were are my rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness? If the "pursuit" is an impossible race, why do I work so hard to achieve it? See, this is why so many "camp out" on public assistance and give up on trying...not saying I ever will, but damn...sure seems a lot easier. This is the United States of America...but most of us are just slaves to the system that feeds the rich.

Wake up.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A New Venture...

I am starting a business!  Please come see me and buy some amazing coffee!

We also can ship!  I can send you an invoice, via Paypal, and shipping runs about $6.00 per 2 bags.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Brain cancer is a terrible, terrible disease, no matter if you survive or die fighting.

Think Grey in May!

Friday, September 9, 2016


In trauma or on-set of illness or medical issue, "stable" is just the first step in treatment and recovery.  In Brain Cancer, "stable" is more on the other end of treatment, as it refers to lack of growth or change in brain tissue.

After a grueling wait, Thursday we had a follow-up MRI and Dr.'s appointment regarding a possible new tumor.  Turns out, it looks to be gone without any treatment needed at all...at least, that is the preliminary results.  "Stable" is great, really.  Now back to scans every 6 months!  Now if I could just get my finances "stable".

Monday, June 20, 2016

Weight of the Wait

All cancers are different, but brain cancer is in a league-of-it's-own, in both treatment and diagnosis.  The initial diagnosis, for most brain cancer patients, comes as a result of a side-effect due to the brain cancer (seizure, vision issues, nausea, dizziness, etc.), meaning that the cancer had time to grow and develop.  Mature tumors can often be scanned (via MRI w/contrasts) to determine what kind of tumor it is, which helps direct what kind of treatment it will require.  That entire process happens very fast with the first diagnosis, for most.

The second diagnosis is the absolute opposite.  See, after brain cancer is treated, you have many, many MRI's...first stage is monthly for a year, maybe two...then every 3 months...then every 6 months...then every year...then every other year...you can see the pattern.  You might think that if/when they do find something on these scans, you would be rushed back into treatment (of some kind), but that is not the case.  Because doctors are actively looking for abnormalities in the brain, any occurrence is caught early on, and in some cases, so early that it can not even be treated until it grows and matures to a stage where scans reveal the cancer's make-up.  In cancer in other parts of the body, even the smallest tumors can be sampled and biopsied to determine make-up and the corresponding treatment...this is where brain cancer is very different.  Brain cancer can not currently be sampled without major surgery (in most cases, becomes complete resections, if operable at all).   Recently, after almost 3 years of remission, the neurologist called my wife and said the words we dreaded to hear..."There is a spot."  Then we are told that it is very small, not of much concern yet, and will need to be watch closely.  An MRI was scheduled for three months from now.

Fact is, there is really very little it could be other then cancer.

That means, for the next three months, we wait.  Hoping for the best, dreading the worst...we wait.  Trying to work, live, parent, and be...we wait.

Life in burdening, enough, without cancer...without the weight of the "wait".