Thursday, August 14, 2014

Well, We're Moving On Up... the East a deluxe apartment in...

Prince George, VA.

It was tough to find a place we could afford, given the past year and a half, but we did, with a little help, and will be moving midget to better schools.  The place should be nice and a little larger.  I am looking forward to it being just my family again...and the dishwasher, never had one of those.

We are moving mid-September!  I will keep ya posted!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

No one is the same after a cancer diagnosis.  In brain cancer patients, there are limitless side effects.  Doctors have no clue how you will personally be effected by the treatment and cancer, they simply are treating you to keep you alive.  You do not have to be a "brain surgeon" to know that doing brain surgery, having tumors, having your head blasted with radiation, and exposure to the poison in chemotherapy is going to mess with your head.  The treatment for a thought-to-be-terminal brain tumor is BOUND to change you.  Brain cancer patients, often, are the least aware of those changes.  I know, that is certainly the case with my wife (and here is where I choose not to push into intimate details).  I do wish that doctors, especially psychologists, were involved with recovery.  What good is surviving cancer if you can't manage your life afterwards?  So, my suggestion, make sure long-term recovery goals and help from psychologist are a part of your brain cancer treatment plan from day one....if not, you may want to find treatment elsewhere.  Don't let doctors treat just your tumor...make them treat the entire patient.

Sharing Without Embarrising

Blogging about something as personal as Cancer is, and not being the one who has cancer, while not exposing thing too embarrassing or personal has been difficult.  My wife is pretty good about letting me know if I cross the line, by her standards, but others (like family members, friends, or even other cancer readers) might thing I cross the line sometimes.  I am sure that is normal.  Sometimes, I find it necessary to get very "close to home" with stories and posts because that is the only way to really translate or express the feeling I am looking to get across.  This process is good for me...and hopefully, good for my readers.  Honestly, if my blog helps me, it is worth doing, but if it helps just one other person, well, then it becomes something even greater.

There have been a host of topics I have avoided.  At times, I wish I had made the blog anonymous just so I could share those intimate details without embarrassing anyone.  I have intentionally avoided digging deeply into topics like how cancer has effected my marriage, sex life, future, and my relationships with friends and family.  Trust me, cancer effects everything....down to the shirt you might put on, the soap you use, or even what you have for dinner.  It invades your wallet, your home, your family, and your relationships.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Though I would not consider myself lucky all of the time, but sometimes I really strike gold.

Won this belt on Friday...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

They are HOME!

Melissa and Michael are home from visiting family in Alabama!  I missed them both a ton!

Took midget to Training Camp Monday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where's OUR Jet Pack?

I read Liz's blog all the time.  She is so focused and is rare for a cancer survivor to be so driven.  She was diagnosed 6 years ago and is still brain cancer free, so, she provides some rare insight into what we may face in the future.

Here is her latest story:

Her blog is worth exploring...she covers so much and lays out the facts clean and simple...pulling no punches and with no candy-coating.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


When I first saw this picture, I could feel a tremble inside.  Cancer is scary...a child with Cancer is the worst living nightmare a parent could face.


Well...these Angels have some good news to report!