Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update w/Halloween Pics!

All is well in our world...still adjusting to the new place and apartment life, but all in all, we are doing better.

Here are some recent pictures!


...and well, I just had to share some of Romo on the ground, too (Hail to the Redskins).

Midget driving a Fire Truck.

...and at the park!

One of my favorite shows (AMC's Turn) is partially filmed in Petersburg, here are some shots from the set!

Farewell Super Josh!

Anybody you has been involved in Brain Cancer social media likely knows who Super Josh is and for good reason, as he has positively affected the lives of millions of people.  Like many, I was captivated by his story, his smile, and all the good he was doing with it.

Josh lost his battle with Brain Cancer.  Please, take some time and read about him, his foundation, and all the good they do in the UK and across the world!

Farewell Josh.  I think I can safely say, the world loves you and will miss you.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Making the Wrong Decision for the Right Reasons.

Is it even possible to make the wrong decision for the right reasons?  And, if you do, does the reasoning make that decision ok?

I was torn when I first heard of Brittany Maynard's brain cancer diagnosis and decision to take her own life as opposed to letting brain cancer do the work for her.  On one hand, I totally understand...brain cancer, treatments, medicines, the side effects...hell, the extreme costs alone...they all suck, for you and your loved ones.  On the other hand, even though you may be surrounded by a lot of terrible things, those special moments that happen after a bad diagnosis are priceless.

It is certainly a personal I will not criticize.

Brittany followed through with her plan.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Boobs vs Brains

The saying "it's a man's world" comes to mind when Breast Cancer Awareness month comes around.  Being a huge NFL fan, pink invades stadiums and uniforms for the entire month.  Breast Cancer seems to be the most popular, or should I say, the easiest to rally support and funds towards curing.  Everyone seems ready to help save boobs.  I can not blame them...boobs are great...but aren't brains more important?  Sure, more people are affected by breast cancer, but brain cancer has fewer consistent treatments and a much higher mortality rate, not to mention the countless and unique side effects to treatment or the cancer itself.  

So, call me biased, but I say...