Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Brain Cancer: Coping With Personality & Behavior Changes

Every brain cancer patient and treatment is different.  The damage to the patients brain, treatments, medication side effects, and the related stress or depression always has some effect on the patients personality.  In Melissa's case, that is very evident.  She has really struggled with motivation.  She constantly seems to fight fatigue.  She has also experienced confusion or forgetfulness, lack of emotion, and seems very easily agitated.  The care-giver in me extends seeming never-ending patients, while the husband and father in me just wants my damn wife back.  I have to say, as of late, for me (at least) the changes in her personality and behavior have been the hardest for me to deal with.  Melissa, like most patients, is nearly oblivious to these changes.

Here is a great link to information..."Coping With Personality & Behavior Changes"

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