Friday, June 5, 2015

The Music Never Stopped

In Spring and early Summer, you will find me humming a that seemingly haunts me every year (in a good way) on just about every pretty day.

"There's mosquito's on the river.  Fish are rising up like birds.  It's been hot for several weeks now.  Did you hear what I just heard?", listen for yourself - CLICK HERE

For me, though...when this whole cancer shtuff started, the music did stop.  When my wife got sick, a lot of things stopped for me.  I am not complaining, but there was only time for so much.  Playing music took a back seat...and time passed.  Now that something things are setting down, I am trying to get back to playing music and it has been very challenging.  Songs I know and connected to before seem foreign....and licks or songs that used to be difficult have come somewhat easy.  The connection of the mind, soul, and music is such a unique, primal connection...have I really changed that much?  I plan to push through.  The music is in has always been here, I just need to find it again...find myself again.

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