Thursday, June 8, 2017

Credit, Schmedit...

Every few years, I get an itch to buy a home...then I'm not-so-kindly reminded that due to a few bad decisions well over a decade ago, cancer, and not one hand-out my entire life, I may never be able to buy a house. Kind of sad we live in country that truly only caters to those with money or just made all the right decisions. How are you supposed to build any wealth if you are denied all the things that can help you build it? After all, I pay more in rent (and have for 20+ years) then any mortgage I would get. I have worked hard, in good jobs, full time, for my entire adult life. No judgments, foreclosures, repo's...only some late payments, student loans (one of the two poor credit decisions of my life), car payment, and household bills. Were are my rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness? If the "pursuit" is an impossible race, why do I work so hard to achieve it? See, this is why so many "camp out" on public assistance and give up on trying...not saying I ever will, but damn...sure seems a lot easier. This is the United States of America...but most of us are just slaves to the system that feeds the rich.

Wake up.

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