Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to School!

Michael is back in school.  We were not able to move, just yet, so he is back in Petersburg Schools again (sigh).  Got a blog about that, too - - I run three blogs now.

Little man had his yearly physical before school.  They drew blood and he got a shot, neither of which he was happy about.  To hear him tell the story of his "man-parts check-up" would leave you in stitches.  The story caught me by surprise because Melissa had not mentioned the details of that part of the doctors appointment because there was so much to say about how he fought the shot (it took three nurses, a doctor and Melissa to restrain him).  He is as healthy as an ox.

Mornings have been a struggle.  Even for most families, school mornings can be crazy...but add cancer and watch out.  We can not afford before and after school care this year, so it is on Melissa to help get him to school and from school.  I get him all but ready before I leave in the morning and handle homework every night.  We have no real system, besides what I mentioned...though, it gets refined a little every day.

I am loving the onset of cooler weather.  Reminds me of San Diego...perhaps the best weather in the USA.  I miss that place so much.  Little liberal for my taste, but besides that, it is heaven....beaches, mountains, breezes, great roads, Balboa Park, Old Town, incredible food, concerts, history...(sigh again) maybe one day.

Please continue to monitor, contribute, and assist the organization that granted Melissa's wish.  They have grown tremendously the past year and are really helping inspire young cancer patients around the country.  I am planning on eventually becoming a Wish Designer for them, like Kristi (who helped grant Melissa's wish)...and when I do, I will be posting about it to rally support and help!

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