Friday, September 20, 2013

Update 9/20/2013

Thank God it is Friday.

I have been sick all week.  Nothing serious, just a simple, small cold.  Though it was not even a bad cold, it kind of put a few things back in perspective.

Over the past few months, I would not say I have been hard at all on Melissa, but I have been firm.  I felt the need to motivate her back into a few regular human and household routines, with a little bit of success.  This last week, though barely sick really, I was not feeling up to some things...she jumped in and helped on the worst days...but it made me think, there are days she feels like that all the time.  Something that was almost uncomprehending is not kind-of understandable.

It is such a delicate balance...motivating vs understanding...both important roles for a spouse or caretaker (a term that I do not like to use just yet with Melissa...she is perfectly capable).

It looks like this upcoming Chemo cycle is going to be the last.  As many of you know, she has been taking the oral Chemo Temodar...for some, a drug with little side effects...for most, a hell drug (in line with almost every other Cancer treatment in existence).  It does not mean the testing, MRI's, doctors appointments, countless medications, or most of the crummy stuff is over...but it will be nice to see how much better she feels with one less poison regiment.  

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  1. Lets hope that this will allow her to maybe atleast get up and moving a little easier! Which in turn could help with her mental state as well! In just not comprehendable what she has to go through!