Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another Clean MRI!

Melissa's appointment went well yesterday...of course there was another bit of drama, but we will get back to that.  Melissa had another clean MRI.  There has been no re-occurrence since treatment ended.  A few more clean MRI's and who knows, might be less doctors for a while.  Looks like most the medicine is permanent.  I am sure she will battle head aches and the toll the treatments took on her body the rest of her life, but not worrying about cancer in the future would be pretty nice.

About that other on her way to Richmond, Melissa hit something in the road...with my new car.  When the valet returned with our car, after her appointment, the "Low Tire Pressure" light was on.  Long story short, though, I ended up getting a tire patched.  I have to admit, I was furious at the I am really trying to keep this car in great shape.  All in all, though, very little damage was done and I am totally over it today.  Tensions were high for a few moments there...

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