Thursday, May 29, 2014

"The Never Normal"

I have not had a personal break since my wife was diagnosed.  When you are the one in the house responsible for everything (laundry, food, cleaning, child, etc) and you have little back-up, it is impossible to find a window to just get away...though, I have to admit, I am well passed in need of such a break.  Life is still surreal for me, even over a year after the surgeries and treatments...and I was not even the one who had the brain tumor.  You hear the term "the new normal" in reference to life after should be more like "the never normal"...because a day can not go by without something reminding you of the damage done to your life by cancer.


  1. Can you get some respite support?

  2. I wish. She is not in need of full time care, or anything like that, but the house-hold duties and job just suck up just about every minute I have. Got a nice recharge from last weekend, though. I am still due some ME time.