Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun With Family!

This past weekend, we were invited by my aunt to the beach.  It was really nice to see family.  My uncle has been battling cancer for a while...pick-lines and drain tubes and all, he soldiered his way to the beach to be with us.  He alerted me of all the anniversaries this year for our dad's 60th birthday, my parents 40th wedding anniversary, 50 year anniversary of the passing of my father's mother, just to name a few...there was plenty of reasons to celebrate, including my uncle still being with us...and Melissa, too, for that matter.

...and everyone loves the beach.

The accommodation were fantastic!

We visited two of the best restaurants I have been to...

Blue Pete's (
In the heart of Pungo, the beaten path but not far from the waterfront, Blue Pete's has the look and feel of a "locals" spot with the food and service of a first class restaurant.  Whether you want a fine, quiet meal or a dozen beers with the boys, they have you covered.  The outdoor area has horseshoes, cornhole, tables, and lots of room to party.

Chick's (
If you have never been to the Chick's Beach area near Virginia Beach, you should be planning a drive right now.  It is so pretty...boating paradise.  Nestled in a marina, just off the main road, on the back-bay, is Chick's Oyster Bar!  You know a place is good when the parking lot is over-run with cars.  The views from the outdoor dining deck are fantabulous.  Lobster Mac...wicked good.

I was too busy to take many pictures...but to make up for it, here is a picture of what I look like driving the slowest go-cart of all time.

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