Thursday, July 23, 2015

Music Connection

Musicians are usually very interesting people. I love reaching out to them when I learn their tunes. Most the time, they never reply, but today one did. Pretty cool, really. Dan Baird was the singer/songwriter/guitarist behind Georgia Satellites. I sent him an email asking about some of the back story about "Sweet Blue Midnight" and "Another Chance", two tunes I have been tooling on. I mentioned how I seem to connect to tunes differently since Melissa's cancer, and that both kind of hit close to home with me now. Here is his response...

Hi Charles
I'll tackle the easy one first.
That would be another chance.
Turn the chords to Ooh-la-la around.
Get a catchy first line. Start singing about the 3 stages of life, birth, middle age and death, then write an honest chorus about when you'd like to go. Aka - when you're done. Remembering that if you're gonna rip off Ronnie Lane, do a good damn job.
Then arrange it like a vocal by "The Band" where it gets passed around.
Have your drummer go to bass, bassist go to mandolin, and unplug your 2 guitar guys.
Sweet Blue Midnight is a fair-thee-well to someone who's falling out of love with you.
You don't want it to happen, hope it's not happening, but it is.
And finally the acceptance of future absence. Hence "close my eyes, and let it go, (I) tried to be the kind of man".
Yet there is a desire for the old comfort, even though it's not possible anymore.
If you want more personal than that, I'm not gonna help. It's too personal.
Glad you enjoyed the songs, so sorry about your wife. Tell her that I've had an epiphany in my past. The spirit that came to me didn't bother with a name, but let me know one thing; there is more.
Peace to you both

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