Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Meet Jason. 27...Air Force Vet...Husband/Father...Brain Cancer.

Let me start by reminding everyone of one thing....

Brain Cancer is ruthless and devastating.

Recently, though a friend, was introduced to Jason's story.

Stationed over-seas, in the Air Force,  Young at home...and next thing you know, boom....Brain Cancer.

I am just learning his story and dare not make a mistake when telling it...but here is a link to his fundraiser:  DONATE!

I am trying help them with finding resources.  Currently, logistic military "red tape" is keeping him over-seas and holding up his post-operative treatments...something that could affect his chances of survival.  Our Military's politics and healthcare is ridiculous.

You will see more posts about these guys.  Please, DONATE or at least SHARE the fundraiser on your social media is the least we can do.

UPDATE 9/10/2015 - Jason and family are back home in Tennessee, about to crank up treatment.

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