Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update! September 2015

Life is still chugging along.  Another school year has began, along with planning for Christmas.

All is well in our Brain Cancer world health wise....still battling head aches, nausea, and things, but dealing.  Living on less income has been a real challenge.  It makes we wish we had saved more money.  The fact that we are still barely getting by on far less income lets me know we could have definitely spent less and save more before cancer.

I know, now, I appreciate kindness and those special small moments more...honestly, it is the one thing I think cancer gives you.  I wouldn't call it "clarity" by any means, but there is a noticeable difference on how I react to seeing true kindness and those moments that make you smile, like a good picture or something you kid does.  I am pretty sure before cancer, I missed many of those.

So, here are a few of those moments...

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