Friday, March 7, 2014

Accused Of Lying

Maybe I am over-reacting just a right as a cancer spouse...but, yesterday I spoke with my wife's doctors, well, his's nurse.  Upon explaining that Melissa has continued to throw up, from 2 times a day (on a good day) to upwards of 20 times (on a bad day), she basically called us liars...saying, that "It is hard to believe, when her blood results come back not showing her THAT dehydrated."  I wanted to get crazy...say something like, "YOU THANK we are LYING about this sh..!"...or "Yeah, lady, we are pro-active about hydration...that doesn't make us liars!"...but, I was cool.  Just said, "Well, she is definitely throwing up and can either find a way of treating her or I will find someone who can."  Boomzilla...

So, today I am likely going to schedule an appointment with the Massey Center at VCU in Richmond.

In the mean time...Melissa is still miserable and I feel helpless.

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