Friday, March 28, 2014

Patience, Patients.

Looking back, especially that past 4 months or so, I seem to have lost some of my "patience" with doctors and life, in general.  Sometimes, if is hard for me (the caregiver) to remember that most doctors have hundreds of "patients", all of which have different levels of "patience" and desire to get/feel better again.  A correct diagnosis takes often far more than one test result or doctor's appointment, granted, I have shown more patience then that.

One fellow blogger and brain cancer ultra-mega-warrior helped remind me that everyone has issues reaching doctors and getting calls back.  That trend is probably even more prevalent in great doctors.

I can tell you, though, I am such a different person now then before cancer invaded my family.  I definitely don't have anywhere near the level of patience I used to masterfully yield.  I think Melissa would agree.  I have been a little hard on her, of course, without actually saying much.  As a spouse and caregiver, I get the a double whammy...I have to keep my relationship healthy/happy and the patient healthy/happy.  Almost anyone who has been through this would understand how difficult that can be.

There is WAY more to cancer than the tumor...

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