Thursday, March 13, 2014

Answers Coming!!!

So, Wednesday Melissa had her first appointment at Massey, after her doctors at CJW pretty much gave up on trying to diagnose her nausea issue.  We were both apprehensive of traveling to busy downtown Richmond for appointments.  We feared parking and very long waits.  We found much the opposite.  Traffic was not an issue and the hospital was literally yards from the exit for the interstate.  Parking was free, valet parking.  We walked right in, signed in, registered, and were back to see the doctor in minutes.  After the nurse ran through the usuals, we met Dr. Malkin and his nurse practitioner Dana.  They were on their to speak.  Dr. Malkin and his nurse asked great, broad, probing questions.  You could literally see the gears turning in the Dr.'s head.  First impressions....this dude was the "House" of Neuro-Oncology.  After a thorough examination, he basically gave us three different possibilities and the means by which he would determine which it was.  One, of course, was some kind of re-occurrence of the brain cancer...not likely, just because that is what her previous doctors seemed to be looking for and could not find.  Another is related to a kind of re-occurrence of the cancer cells that is causing some irritation in the part of the brain that handles digestion. The last suggestion was something that I had "Google diagnosed" over a week ago.  Here is the link:  We are waiting on blood tests (to take about a week to get back) before we will be close to any direct diagnosis.  None of the causes were great news...but, they are treatable.  Funny, one twenty minute session and some blood work...can't wait to share this with her "former" doctors.  Melissa really, really liked her first appointment at Massey.  Who is the best care-giver/husband/Redskins-fan/Google-master?  This guy...that's who.


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