Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rough Night

Melissa has a rough night last night.  It has been a while since she had run out of the nausea medications that works, and honestly, I had no idea she was still needing them.  A few days ago, she ran out of a certain medication that comes in a tablet that dissolves, rather then a pill you have to swallow and digest.  When she called her doctor, the nurse said, "If you want a refill, you need an appointment."  She continued to belittle the patient but eventually offered to call the prescription in "this time."  Then, she calls in the wrong damn prescription...which my insurance fills only part of, and now, my insurance will likely not cover the correct medication and, of course, there is no returning medication.  After all, the doctor said "I will not need to see you for 6 months" just over 4 months ago.  Shouldn't her medications have enough refills to cover that time?  Frankly, because of some doctor's inability to properly keep up with medications he has prescribed and the obvious money-grubbing practices they depend on to get rich as quickly as possible, my wife, and many other patients, suffer.  You can tell, I am a little worked up...I do not like my woman felling any sicker then necessary.

Hopefully, we can get this straight today before her 2 week trip to see family.  If not, it could be a rough trip for her.

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