Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

No one is the same after a cancer diagnosis.  In brain cancer patients, there are limitless side effects.  Doctors have no clue how you will personally be effected by the treatment and cancer, they simply are treating you to keep you alive.  You do not have to be a "brain surgeon" to know that doing brain surgery, having tumors, having your head blasted with radiation, and exposure to the poison in chemotherapy is going to mess with your head.  The treatment for a thought-to-be-terminal brain tumor is BOUND to change you.  Brain cancer patients, often, are the least aware of those changes.  I know, that is certainly the case with my wife (and here is where I choose not to push into intimate details).  I do wish that doctors, especially psychologists, were involved with recovery.  What good is surviving cancer if you can't manage your life afterwards?  So, my suggestion, make sure long-term recovery goals and help from psychologist are a part of your brain cancer treatment plan from day one....if not, you may want to find treatment elsewhere.  Don't let doctors treat just your tumor...make them treat the entire patient.

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