Thursday, August 14, 2014

Well, We're Moving On Up... the East a deluxe apartment in...

Prince George, VA.

It was tough to find a place we could afford, given the past year and a half, but we did, with a little help, and will be moving midget to better schools.  The place should be nice and a little larger.  I am looking forward to it being just my family again...and the dishwasher, never had one of those.

We are moving mid-September!  I will keep ya posted!


  1. Just wanted to say hello. I am battling cancer and decided to reach out to some people. I have to GBM Grade IV tumors. I enjoyed reading you blog. I have a blog as well and post when I feel up to it Would like to know more about you and your wife's battle.

    1. Thanks David! I love your blog, as well. It is a great way to shed some of the burden of, as you know, things happen so fast that it will be nice sometime in the future to look back at it. Thanks for reading.