Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sharing Without Embarrising

Blogging about something as personal as Cancer is, and not being the one who has cancer, while not exposing thing too embarrassing or personal has been difficult.  My wife is pretty good about letting me know if I cross the line, by her standards, but others (like family members, friends, or even other cancer readers) might thing I cross the line sometimes.  I am sure that is normal.  Sometimes, I find it necessary to get very "close to home" with stories and posts because that is the only way to really translate or express the feeling I am looking to get across.  This process is good for me...and hopefully, good for my readers.  Honestly, if my blog helps me, it is worth doing, but if it helps just one other person, well, then it becomes something even greater.

There have been a host of topics I have avoided.  At times, I wish I had made the blog anonymous just so I could share those intimate details without embarrassing anyone.  I have intentionally avoided digging deeply into topics like how cancer has effected my marriage, sex life, future, and my relationships with friends and family.  Trust me, cancer effects everything....down to the shirt you might put on, the soap you use, or even what you have for dinner.  It invades your wallet, your home, your family, and your relationships.

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