Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Little Help For The Holidays

As many of my blog readers know, about this time two years ago and C-Day.  Melissa's cancer diagnosis and what followed was enough to financially ruin an independently wealthy family...which we were not.  During the "thick of things", I had serious doubts we would survive...expecting at some point to be living in some family members basement or spare room...but that never happened.  We got by.  I am still not quite sure how...but we made it through much better then I ever expected, not to discount the challenges we faced and still face today.  We live paycheck to paycheck, like most.  We have a lot of medical debt.  We barely make enough to cover our bills....but, we get by.  We received help from so many that I couldn't even begin to tell you who helped us get through precisely...God, I suppose, would get the credit.

We had to downsize, for many reasons, into an apartment and have tried to live within our means, but to this day, we still suffer from the financial woes of cancer.  Like most parents, we focus our Christmas finances towards our son, who honestly is such a modest, laid back child.  He is pretty easy to please.  Of course, something unexpected always happens when things are tight.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed this on my TV...

...a black spot on my TV...and then I am told that it will likely grow...soon, our TV would be no good.

I attempted to save enough in the budget to tap into a good Black Friday deal, but that just didn't work out, even though all we really had room for a 32" or 40" TV.  Instead of finding savings, I found bills I needed to pay and not quite enough money to even do that.

I know it seems trivial to be worried about a TV...but let's face it, the only TV in the house going bad and no replacement in site, well, that is a modern day nightmare.

About the time I noticed the spot start to grow, I saw a post on Facebook from the non-profit Brain Tumor Alliance.  (Click HERE from their Website).  They posted about a tradition of helping families with small things around the Christmas and that they were looking for people to help.  I hesitated for a moment, but then decided to contact them.  I told them our story, shared my blog, and mentioned the one thing I was really worried about this year...our TV.  Even though I all but talked my way out of needing help I really needed...they came through and decided to help me surprise my wife and family with a new TV.

In the past, other non-profits had helped us...The Matthew Renk Foundation, 3 Little Birds 4 Life, and now, the Brain Tumor Alliance.  I would love for those out there who have a loved one in need...share this post with them and get them help....those who are lucky enough to not know someone in need, donate to these great organizations...they do amazing work.

One message I want to send to cancer patients, care givers, or families touched by cancer...there is help out there.  You and your family do not have to battle this alone.  There are amazing organization who raise money every day to help you because of the cancer that is attacking you...people who want to help.  Sometimes, all you have to do is be brave enough to ask for help.

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