Monday, December 8, 2014

The Black Keys Inspire

Thanks to a call-in contest on 102.1 XL102 in Richmond, I won two tickets to see The Black Keys in concert, which came with a special pre-show meet-and-greet.  At first, I was going to take my best friend, but he really had some important stuff going on in his life right now that needed his full attention.  Melissa was not feeling up to it, so I decided to take my son to his first big concert.

I was worried about how he would behave at the pre-show event and was just sure he would lose his patients during the show.  In fact, little man was very excited to go.  Though his behavior wavered during the long wait for the meet-and-greet to start, he quickly realized that he was getting a nice sneak peak into a real rock concert, that he would later attend.  The Black Keys played a couple of warm up tunes for us during the sound check, during which the Lead Percussion Manager hooked him up with some Black Keys guitar picks (awesome).  When we met the band, they game Micheal signed drum sticks (super awesome) and went on to sign just about everything Michael handed them (which, rules prohibited getting more then one item signed, but must have only applied to adults - mega/ultra awesome).  Thanks to Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, my son now wants to learn how to play drums.  The guitarist and artist in me is proud and excited with Michael's decision, and inspiration for that matter (the Black Keys rock) current/future neighbors and his mother, not so much.  We will just have to work that out.

The show was amazing.  Both bands we got to see are nominated for Grammys (1 nomination for St Vincent, 3 for the Black Keys).  For all those fellow parents or relatives of Michael, yes, he did wear ear plugs during the show.  I do think, after seeing him dance, that he may need some pointers or dance classes....looked a lot like me trying to dance.

Just a great time!

My kid is so much cooler then I was at his age.

Here are some pictures from our day...pretty amazing.

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