Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finally...A New Bed

Prior to just a few days ago, neither me nor Melissa ever owned a new bed.  Even as a kid, I always had a hand-me-down mattress.  Some were better then others, but never a new bed.  We never spend money on ourselves.  A meal hear or there...but rarely (and I do mean rarely) do we have the money or the gumption to treat our this year, I was damn determined to buy a new bed and did so.  We got one of the cheapest name brand mattresses you could buy (which for those who have shopped mattresses, you know is still expensive) but it has been amazing.  I am not sure Melissa has enjoyed it quite as much as me, even though I could sleep soundly on a bag of rocks.  My back stopped hurting (as bad) and, much like a new car or outfit, there is a moral boosting effect to having something new that you worked so hard for.

Cheers to a new bed folks!  Everyone needs one.

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