Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Does An MRI Cost So Much In America?

I read this article in the Washington Post about healthcare costs and how some are cheaper in other countries.  It mentions an MRI in the USA costing just over $1K...which is incorrect for most Brain Cancer patients.  BC patients MRI's (w/contrasts and many images) cost in upwards of $6K per scan.  A recent change to my health insurance means my personal responsibility is over $1k per scan...and coming off 4 scans a year, well, you can do the math.  "Affordable Healthcare" is a joke...there will likely never be that in America in my lifetime, if ever.  You might stop the cancer in your body, but rest assured, it is even hard to stop the cancer that invades you finances...and the cure for that is well known but goes unused by the current healthcare business models...kindness.

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