Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10/2/2013 - Update

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  My days are so jam packed with "to-do's" that time just flies by.  Melissa is not feeling well at all.  The cold that kept our son down all of about 12 minutes has grown into at least bronchitis and may be pneumonia now.  She is headed back to the doctor today, so cross your fingers...and toes...and legs...cross all that stuff!  We can NOT afford another hospital stay.

I have been sick too, but not quite as bad...though, I have to say, it has been a long time since I have been sick for a few weeks straight.  I am starting to feel a little better.  If I continue to feel better, I may just take my son camping for the night at Pocahontas State Park this weekend...nice, cheap way to spend the weekend entertaining the midget.  

We are approaching the competition of our first year of battling brain cancer.  It is a milestone no one should take lightly...but to us, it is really just a blur.  Fact is, without having to work, the calender on my phone, or the change of seasons, I couldn't tell you what month it is...or what day it is.  I feel much like I did 9 months ago, completely overwhelmed with medical bills, household bills, household chores, work, and all the daily tasks...but the only difference now is that no one really helps us anymore.  The desire to "enjoy your time" is constantly overshadowed by our lack of stability supporting our household.

Despite being broke, I have really tried to work hard to make sure little man has some fun every weekend.  He has worked pretty hard at school this year and also has undoubtedly faced some challenges with his mothers cancer.  I suppose I try to offset that (without spoiling, per say)...while also not spending recklessly.

I am just a bit overwhelmed.  Bills, work, home, and being takes it's toll.  I get no real breaks...even more so, I kind of feel bad if and when I do get a break.  

There is only one glorious curse word that, if presented properly, seems to embody exactly how I feel....fuck (pronounced: Fuuuuuuck).

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