Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is the first holiday of the Fall season.  It is especially magical for those with young children.  There is little children love more than dressing up or pretending.  My son loves to act, dress up, jump into character, and scare people (not necessarily all together or at the same time, but you get my drift)....needless to say, he LOVES Halloween!

This year, he veered away from "Superheros" into the realm of the undead.  This year, he chose to be a Zombie.  Though he does not watch Zombies movies or shows, sometimes he does get chased around by "Daddy Zombie".

(Pictures to be added later!)

Kids are not the only ones who love to dress up.  Secretly, most adults love the opportunity as well.  I made me think, wouldn't Chemo and Radiation be more fun if you dressed in costume?  Of course, you always see a multitude of funny or silly hats and t-shirts, but seldom a full costume.  Nurses usually have their own fun way of keeping things light-hearted.  I just keep getting this picture in my mind of the cast of The Wizard of Oz, played by radiation patients of all sexes, ages, and will likely haunt you as well.

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