Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brain Cancer Ups and Downs

The "ups" and "downs" of a patient, or family of the patient, fighting brain cancer are bewildering.  There are times when, for no apparent reason, things may go great around the house...and there are times, for no apparent reason, they can be fairly awful...sometimes, despite the efforts of those involved.  I wish I could get a list of "Things That Make The Day Go Right"...but that list changes, depending on the attitudes and obstacles we might encounter.  Some days you give 100% and things still go wrong.  Some days you literally "throw in the towel" and things go well.  I know that I am not the husband or person I used to be...and I do not even have cancer...and even though my wife is a brain cancer survivor, even I can not tell you the many ways brain cancer, or any cancer, changes the survivor.  Some become more driven then ever, some, eh, not so much...but for one thing you may have to deal with, it causes more change, trouble, worry, joy, emotions, and hosts of other challenges...becoming impossible to comprehend how to handle things or react.  Never underestimate the amount of stress any cancer patient is going through, but if it is Brain Cancer, expect a little more.

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