Friday, December 6, 2013

Boo...the Flu!

While the cancer front is quiet, the overall health of our house is under attack...from the Flu.  Yep, just our luck, we were among the first in our area to catch the Flu this year.  Everyone under our roof is highly prayers, thoughts people.  We are at war here.  I think this is the worst bug I have ever encountered.  Entering day 6, I am still far from myself.  The body aches, cough, fever, nausea, and severe exhaustion associated with this Flu are no joke...get your flu shots, like, yesterday.  Melissa seems to be getting a little better.  Little man was sick for all of about 6 hours or so.  Kids...

Being sick always makes me think about this...

Why do people go to work contagious and sick?

Is it that we are that dedicated to our work?

Are we just money hungry?

Do employers just expect people to work, regardless of health concerns?

This is an often debated topic.  What I can say is this...

You may never know the challenges or obstacles of all those around you...that you interact with every day...but sharing your germs could harm, hurt, or kill someone...including yourself, if you push yourself to work when really to sick too.

If you get sick, and I mean, contagious, fevers...the real deal, take a damn day or so to rest up and not share your germs.

Our flu was brought home via our son, via his teacher and several I am kind of charged up about it.

I, too, have an "Old School" boss who expect you to work regardless...I still take my days when I really, really need to.  It is ever humans right.

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