Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas and Cancer

Last Christmas I couldn't tell you up from down.  The onslaught of Cancer came in like a tsunami.  I was so overwhelmed.

The last year has been the hardest struggle of my life...Melissa's too, I am sure.  Unfortunately, it is not the kind of struggle that you get through quickly.  It has been hard to balance losing income and gaining massive medical bills. 

As you can imagine, I want this Christmas to be pretty special.  I am sure, regardless of the amount of presents under the tree, this year will be a major improvement over last year, but at the same time, financially, this year will be a world class juggling act.

I had a crazy idea, though...may not happen this year, but before he gets much bigger, I want to take Michael to Disney and Universal Studios in FL.  I have some family there too.  

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