Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/6/2013 - 6/11/2013

I wish I could report things are getting back to normal around my house, but things really have not changed.  Melissa has continued to struggle with getting more active.  She continues to suffer from the side effects of several medications.  What the doctor described as "sloshing" (which is really light-headed-ness for Melissa) has concerned both me and her the most.  It makes her uncomfortable with moving around too much.  I think  I have done a masterful job at not being a pushy husband while still applying some level of motivation, though, I am not sure it is always received the way it is intended, she has been understanding.

I think things were easier for both of us back when things were happening so fast we couldn't keep up.  Ignorance can be bliss, sometimes.  It seems like years since we had a normal life.  Now, I can not even remember what life was like before all this.    

This month's bills are tightening like a noose....but she starts to receive her disability at the end of the month....just in time, too.  Hard to believe we have survived 6 months without any income from her.  The only reason we did was because of the help, gifts, and donations from family, friends, and many others.  I can never thank everyone enough for all the help.  The financial fight we face ahead may serve as the greatest challenge.  Over $10,000 in medical debt...and with our recent insurance changes, we could face extensive out of pocket expenses from MRI's, blood tests, etc...but it could always be worse.

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