Friday, June 14, 2013

The Storm...

Thursday was quite an event.  Towards the end of my work day, as the storm approached, I get a call.  "Mr. Barr, daycare closes at 4pm today".  I frantically try to finish my work as the storm starts...power flashing, debris flying around....roofs flying off....then, like almost every other idiot in Petersburg, I hit the road to pick up little man....mid storm.  "Team Hyundai" blazed down Crater Road, dodging trees and limbs...felt stupid, but had no choice.  I grabbed him up and proceeded home to find no power.  For me and big deal...for midget, "MY GOD!  What are we going to do?"  He was wild all night...finally crashing about 9:30.  We woke up Friday...still no power.  A lot of damage in a neighboring city seems to be delaying the 3 trees that took out power in my neighborhood in Petersburg.  All in all, though, we had no damage, besides probably loosing our refrigerator full of food and perhaps our minds (trying to appease a 5 yo with no electronics).  Sets up a fun prequel to the Yard Sale / Bake Sale / Fundraiser....might work in my favor sales wise....but putting it together might be kind of interesting.

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