Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/15/2013 - All Clear...

So, Melissa's MRI came back all clear with no signs of swelling.  The past few days she has managed to eat a little something also, so things are looking up...now, if I could just get her to behave the way.  I can not imagine how she feels....what she is going through....and I have a front row seat.  I just keep telling myself that this takes time..."patience, young Skywalker."

Little man is officially 6 years old.  Wow...how time flies.  Notice I left off the "when you are having fun" part...I mean, we have had some really fun, but the past 8 months we have been getting quite more than our fair share "not so fun" times...and guess what, time still flew by.  Life breaks for nothing.

There are not words to describe how it feels to watch the person you love hurt by cancer.  You may use words like "frustrated" or "speechless" or "heartbroken" when really, there is more going on than the human mind can normally process.  Now, if you are the kind of person who can just "put on a happy face" and leave the hurt behind...more power to you...I have those moments, sometimes.  Even now, past many of the tougher obstacles we had to face, I am still without words to describe how I feel or how things have changed.  "Bewildered" seems to fit somehow.

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