Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Melissa Update & The Secret Trip

So, before finishing my vacation story, I wanted to update my readers about Melissa.  She has been feeling a little better, even regaining some appetite and some kind of schedule.

Last week, her and her sister surprised her mom with a visit for her birthday.  She lives in Alabama.  They took the grand-babies to see the Grand-Mary and Mimi (great grandma).  It was kept secret, somehow.  It was one of those trip you couldn't really afford but really, really couldn't afford not to go on.  So after they left, I told a few people.  The overwhelming reply seemed to expect me to be ready to go out or resume some kind of "wile'ing out", of sorts.  That is just not my style, I suppose...and really, I felt a bit lost while they were gone.  I did manage to visit the new Redskins facility in Richmond and scope out the surrounding area, just ahead of training camp starting this week.  I also got in some much needed video game time in....watched a few replay's of football games...made the best of it.

I was happy for them to be home Sunday.

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