Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Beginning to Our Vacation! 6/22/2013 - 6/24/2013

Life is full of moments...about a half dozen you could expect and a half billion or so you could never expect.  Great moments....not so great moments...fact is, the right mix of both make you a better person...stronger, more appreciative...humble.  The wrong mix can make you depressed....crazy...insane.  I think most of us would agree that you never get a very even mix....there are highs and there will certainly be lows.  What I am getting at, is that the reason people refer to life as a "roller coaster" is because it is fun for most...the ups and downs...the sudden plunges....the clicking of the chain dragging up closer to your eventual decent.  Our life would be pretty boring without these ups and downs.

Dulles Airport

Our vacation was a high...though, like a good roller coaster, started with some waiting.  Our air line, despite our very early check-in, sent my bags on a later flight.  After a long day and 5 hours in the air, both Melissa and Michael were beat...and I was in line, to mad to be tired, seeking knowledge..."Lady, where is my bag?"  "Sir, it didn't make the flight.  The flight it is on is due in about 3 hours."  For us...it felt like 10pm, so another 3 hours was a lot to ask.  Melissa was ill....at this point both her and midget were passed out in the restaurant in Terminal 1 of the San Diego Airport.

As the plane arrived with my bag, I waited near the baggage claim conveyor it was to arrive on.  I had previously made my irritation known the United Airlines baggage office, and thus, was being watched by security.  Kind of feels good to look more intimidating than I really am sometimes.  Then, from behind me, I here someone shout, "Hawk".  I sneak a peak behind me...yep, it was Tony Hawk and his wife.  I quickly faced forward...then peaked again just to be sure...yep, that was him alright.  I shook his hand.  Little did he know at that time, but he has signed a skateboard for Michael a few days before our meeting.  He was flying on the flight my bag flew on.  He was returning from the Smithsonian, where they inducted his first competition skateboard.  Needless to say, my attitude was quickly straightened up...the feeling of "things happen for a reason" filled the air...and I was ready to continue on this journey.

We quickly got to our rental car and made our way to Melissa's aunts house.  The weather difference was insane.  San Diego - 67 degrees....Brawley - 90 degrees....this at 10pm (California time).  The near full moon provided enough light to get a peak at the mountains, as we passed through.  The mountains look like giant piles of rocks.  We arrived at our first destination just after midnight.

If not for the heat, Brawley was pretty cool.  Get it...cool....ok, cheese...but the city had some texture.  It seemed to have more than everything you would need...including a very good bakery...A Think Called Cake.

Melissa's family was very welcoming.

The first day there...well, I just wanted a sweet tea.  Not a simple task in California unless you have the inside info....McD's is the only major chain I could find one.  Most other restaurants just do not offer it.  Seems crazy to me, but then again, so do smoothies.  The inside word, if you ever find yourself far west and in need of great sweet tea....the donut shops.  Donut shops have great sweet tea...strong and super sweet...plus, they have donuts...boom.

We had a nice dinner Sunday night at Melissa's cousins house.  Carne asada, mac & cheese, and the only guacamole I have ever liked.  We also left with some sweet treats in hand.

Melissa had not all felt well....before we left, during the flight, or the first couple days.  It was not the best timing, but cancer tends to work just that way most the time.  Me and midget decided to travel on to our final destination, sunny San Diego, and Melissa was going to get dropped off the next day...as she worked to wait out the icky and rest.

San Diego Bound.

...to be continued

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