Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Vacation - Part Deux

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to the vacation story....

Monday morning...San Diego Bound

The east side of the mountains in southern California look like impassable giant piles of rocks.  Just before entering the mountains I saw a nice size wind-power farm.  As we crossed the mountains I could not help by to think how many westerns TV shows and movies were filmed in these mountains...and they seem quite familiar.  I also noticed how green and nice the areas around the fresh water springs were...each was a little mountain oasis.

The border patrol check point was interesting.  I have never, in my life, seen so many cameras in one place...literally 30 or 40 pointing in just about every angle towards on-coming traffic.  I was so white they just waved me through...not many pale folk in southern California.

San Diego City limits...and wow...I imagined the City more flat and it is far from that...hills, hills, hills...but pretty.  House perched on hillsides and hilltops...there must be 1,000,000 amazing views to be found here.

So, depending on natural navigating skills (honed and perfected on the East Coast), I dove off the interstate early to just cruise around some, gently weaving my way to our hotel.  Yep...I got lost.  Ended up eventually on Point Loma...though, there was not a much prettier place to be lost.  One observation Point Loma...people live very, very close together in pretty small houses.  I mean, each house seemed to have it's own unique features, and all were pretty cool...but they are really crammed in here.  So, I bought a days worth of Verizon Navigator to guide me me to my destination....which was only about 4 minutes away from where I was.  So close, yet, so far...

The Inn at the Park - it was an impressive 7 story brick hotel built in the 1930's that was very recently renovated.  It was fantastic.

It was a pretty place and the people were really nice.  The room was also very nice and quite well decorated.  We stayed on the 5th floor...a nice harbor view.

After unpacking and checking out the room, I took midget for a walk and a hot, hot cocoa in Virginia in summer is one thing, but in San Diego it was 72 with a stiff ocean breaze...I swear....perfect for any kind of drink.

He always feels so big when I take him for hot cocoa at a cafe.

Tuesday morning we decided to slip over to Coronado.  We had a nice morning chilling on the beach followed up by some shopping and pizza at the Village Pizze at the ferry landing.

The vistas, the was all perfect.  Coronado is fantastic.  Wish we could drive over there every weekend for some family time. 

Melissa joined us on Tuesday afternoon...and about sunset we took pictures on Windasea beach just south of La Jolla.  (still waiting on the pictures).  Wow...what a pretty area.  There was a group of retired folks playing bridge right there on the beach...can't help but be a bit jealous.  

Wednesday we had a picnic organized by Wedding by Di out of San Diego.  Location...beautiful Balboa Park under the most interesting of trees.  The food, the set up, the weather...that bugs, no flys...just a cool breeze in the shade...perfect.  Did I mention the WEATHER!  (Waiting on pictures).


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