Monday, July 1, 2013

We are home from VACATION! 7/1/2013

I am so much to share!  Pretty busy, but I will be happy to fill all of you guys in over the course of the next week.

For most, the first question is did Melissa feel ok and have fun? first things were pretty bad.  She tried hard to soldier through.  She really perked up for the Zoo, which quickly took the air from her battered sails...but, me and midget, wow...we took the place by storm. was a great family trip, despite cancer woes.  Met Tony Hawk, explored a wonderful part of California, and really created some great memories. really came through and granted Melissa's wish.

I sure hope you follow my Instagram and Facebook....I posted many pictures, which I will eventually post here as I share my experiences.  One thing I will tell you know, is that the weather in San Diego, CA, is fantabulous....wondertastic....flip-wild-crazy nice.

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