Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Operation Computer: Mission Complete

Over the past year, or so, Melissa's lap top has not charged and constantly overheats...to the point where it was practically impossible to use.  So, about a month ago I posted the blog post "A Man on a Mission" about wanting to find Melissa a new computer, somehow.  Well, I am happy to report that the mission is complete!

Utilizing my full-blown Google-master skills, I found two organization, both related to each other, that supply recycled computers to Cancer patients....how flipping cool is that?!?

Recyled Computers for Cancer

Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer

I had the pleasure of dealing with Eric Grund, Director of both organizations.  The process was very easy...just contact them (by mail, phone or email), have the cancer patient talk to them (mainly to find out what kind of computer you need), and about 2 weeks later your newly refurbished computer will arrive at your house!

Please share this information with any cancer patient, your church, your doctors.  When you are down and out, a computer keeps you connected to the ones you love and the world outside.

Besides, Cancer should have perks, dang it!

(Pictures coming!)

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