Friday, August 9, 2013

Update! 8/9/2013

Melissa has been doing pretty well lately and is even back on her chemo meds.  I would love to see more activity, but heck, I know everything is harder these days.  Little man is ready for school and excited, no matter where he attends.  We have been exploring moving options, but that is easier said then done, these days, both physically and financially.  The idea of moving (as I would be the one doing most of it) is scary too.  I will keep everyone posted.

Football season has returned.  It is my thing.  I like video games and movies...I love guitar and music...I am crazy flipping insane about Redskins Football.  This Saturday, weather permitting, I will be in the VIP area of training camp, recognized as a social media contributor and super-fan (a fairly accurate description), and I am pretty excited.  Football is the reason I probably didn't loose my mind last November when the entire "Brain Cancer" drama ensued.  It is nice to have my thing back...we all need a thing.

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