Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update - 8/23/2013

Melissa is doing a bit better right now.  Little man is on his summer stint with Grandma and Papa.  The break from the day-to-day with little man has really helped motivate her some.  It is funny how much one 6yo can take out of you.  She could really use someone to be pushing her to get up, walk, get outside, sustain some physical activity...it kills me to go to work when my real job should be at home, helping her recover, because little to no one else is helping....some people just need a motivator and hers goes to work 40+ hrs a week.  Besides, a husband can only push but so hard before he is in the dog-house, someplace I specializing in NOT being in (if at all possible).

School will be back next week...little man and mommy are excited!  I am hoping for a great school year for him.

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