Friday, January 17, 2014

Laying Down The Law.

My son has been struggling with his behavior at school.  Some of that is understandable, with everything that is going on in our lives...those emotions are bound come out somewhere.  You would think the school counselor might talk to him or at least be involved...nope.  Seem in glorious Petersburg, the guidance counselor is only there because schools are required to keep one on staff, but not required to actually utilize them.  I think his behavior is coming around, but it got to the point that they talked suspension...not for any one act beyond reason, but just for general talking, getting out of his seat and other kids stuff.  They offer NO OTHER forms of punishment or reprimanding at our Elementary schools.  When I asked why I was told there was no budget for that.  I am SO glad we are moving after this school year.  No budget for the ONE of the most important things a young school age child needs, training on behavior and discipline.  I suppose SOL's are taking priority again.

No doubt, though, he has been misbehaving.  Yesterday, he got to meet "mad Daddy" for the first time over his school behavior.  Sure, he is used to discipline from me but I have been taking it easy on him, working with more positive reinforcement techniques...but yesterday I had to make a point...hopefully, he got the message...if not, that new TV Santa brought him will look really nice in my bedroom.  

While you are praying for Melissa, send a note upstairs for midget too...he could use some divine inspiration.

On a brighter note, here's what happens when you put a Five Guys burger in front of midget.

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