Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MRI Done...Now, The Waiting...

So Melissa had another MRI last night in response to some symptoms.  Today, she is still feeling rough and has a head ache.  Normally, we try to get her Dr. appointment just after, but because of the "urgency" move up of the scan, we will not get the results until Monday.

So now, we wait.

It is one of those situations, though...

Sure, we all hope and pray the cancer doesn't come back.

Even if the scan is clean, what IS causing her symptoms?

Our son kind of knows something is up.  Yesterday, in an attempt to rush us out of the house likely to obtain access to the living room TV, he said (most sincerely), "Daddy, I want you to go ahead and take Mama to the doctors.  I just want her to feel better."  That kid, I tell you...he may not be the best behaved out there, keep a clean room, or even listen to 10% of what his parents say, but he has a heart of pure gold.

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