Thursday, January 2, 2014

Trying To Remember How To Have Fun (Cont...)

So, our attempt of New Years fun ended at 9pm.  Melissa's stomach has been a very long, on-going issue that the doctors seem fine with just allowing to continue.  It only takes a short time dealing with doctors to realize how corrupt and inept our medical system is in America, not to say that it is still not one of the best in the world.  Where most doctors fail is not treating the entire patient or not giving "palliative care".

What is Palliative Care?

Here you go:

Then, on the list of centers offering "Palliative Care" I find Melissa's hospital.  What?  Yep...they claim to offer "Palliative Care" when, in fact, they only treat cancer and nothing else.  They could care less of your quality of life...they just treat cancer and leave the rest for you to deal with.  Maybe toss a couple pills at your issues, maybe give you a pat on the back or tell you, "This is normal for her condition"...well I no longer care what is "normal for her condition"...most doctors try to find solutions...and hers could care less, it seems.  Sure, they make suggestions, but it is their job to provide this care.  When you go to a restaurant and order a meal, they don't just bring you the recipe, they serve you the meal.

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