Friday, January 31, 2014

Melissa Update!

So, still no resolution to the stomach bug.  Working on getting her to produce a "sample" for testing.  Not an easy subject with the ladies.  Until more testing is done, nothing else can be done to get her feeling better.  There has been no change or improvements to report.  I would say I am frustrated, but that would be a gross is more like uber-quasi-frustrated, with maybe a few curse words sprinkled in and around that.

I did have a fun dinner with just me and midget at Golden Corral last night...not my favorite place, but for him, heaven.  I am not much on the food, or gorging beyond belief at a buffet (for that matter), but he claims the spaghetti is the best in the world.  The same spaghetti he barely eats any of before moving swiftly to what he really came here for...the chocolate fountain, ice-cream bar, and cotton candy.  I did manage to get a few pieces of steak in him before the sugar.

For your viewing is midget devouring his treats...

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