Monday, February 10, 2014


I am thinking of coining a new word for being well beyond "frustrated"....because that is what I am feeling right now.  Melissa has suffered through MRI's, poor IV sticks, countless tests, ultrasounds, and scopes yet there is still no idea of what is causing her nausea.  If this was my car being worked on, I would have taken it elsewhere already...but because this is medicine (a far from exact science, at times) I have tried to give her doctors the benefit of doubt and time to do their job.  Frankly...not so sure they are capable...and if nothing else, they have shown me that they will recklessly rack up bills with my insurance company (and me, for that matter) without even thinking once about what it will cost.  Now, if these costs ended in results and a diagnosis, then ok...whatever...but for no answers, should we even have to pay for this?

For these kinds of situations, most hospitals staff a "Patient Advocate"...and trust me, they will be hearing from me today.  I will also be placing a call to her treating physicians as well.

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