Thursday, February 27, 2014

See, I Know This Guy...

Seldom do I blog about anyone outside of my immediate family, but today I am going to try to share something with out blasting other peoples business all over the internet.

I have a friend going through a rough time in his of my favorite people.  I am not going to go into details, names, and anything...but I will say this, real friends and people who really love you look past your mistakes and short-comings...see the person past all the "mist"...simply put, good, hell, GREAT people often have problems.  Postman, Doctors, Presidents...anyone can have a crutch or issue that troubles them their entire life, but that issue does not define them as a person, parent, employee, or friend or determine their success, unless they that person allows it.  I just think you should treat good people LIKE good people, despite what troubles them.  That is what real friendship and love is...unconditional.  Not to say that a person making bad decisions should get off "scott free"...but if they are a good person, build them up, don't tear them down.

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