Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Still Sick...

We are going on almost 3 months of Melissa battling nausea.  Countless tests, medicines, a hospital stay...yet still, she suffers.  I try to not get out-right pissed off at any of her doctors...but wow, it is hard to resist.  Each time she goes in, it seems they want to try the same tricks that have yet to work.  If you took your car into the shop for an issue and every time they ran diagnostics, then said, "you need a tune up", by the 2nd tune up, you would be looking for a new auto repair shop.  Fixing people is much more complicated than fixing cars, but you get my drift.  Melissa seems uninterested in seeing more doctors and I can not blame her...back to the automotive analogy, I think she would rather just opt to ride the bus and ditch the car all together.

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