Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mystery Stomach Issue

Yesterday, Melissa has her follow up in regards to this stomach ailment she has yet to shake.  It has been over a month, maybe longer, since she ate a full meal.  Really, she has been ill since Thanksgiving.  Doctors actually witnessed her getting sick this time...and for once, they have started to take this much more seriously.  I suppose they think if you are not bothering them about something constantly, it must not be worth treating...but if you barf in the waiting room, they jump to service.  So, they gave her yet another dose of IV fluids and anti-nausea meds.  If she does not feel better by this afternoon, she will be admitted for all kinds of fun tests.  I am planning Longstreet's Deli for lunch...if that doesn't work, she needs to go get checked out!

So, on a positive note...there was one Christmas present I had to get midget this year.

Here is a picture!

I just knew he would love this jacket.  I also knew, it would likely land him in trouble in school...but so far, no notes home.  Cool Daddy wins again!

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