Friday, February 21, 2014

One Small Victory...

I have been trying for months to encourage my son to behave better in school.  He has had many good and bad days...none extreme, but there is room for improvement.  Wednesday night, on a whim and out of frustration, I said to him, "Son, can you just be good tomorrow?  Just give me one day, please."  I followed that up with the promise of something...some kind of very special reward.

I did not expect instant results...but I got them.

He was good.  Finally!  Like, "almost perfect" good.  He was so good, in fact, his teacher tracked down Melissa, who was just leaving with our son headed home, to tell her that "whatever we did last night, do it again."  News of this instantly improved my mood...something I really needed.

You win wars one small victory at a time.

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