Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Melissa has battled head-aches a lot lately...has me concerned, but not much anyone can do.

I had a great run in with my dad yesterday.  For those who do not know my dad, he has a gift of being able to converse with anyone...engaging in a good laugh and is one of the traits I am most proud of inheriting from him.  We talked about how you just can not force special moments.  I have experienced this first hand many times since finding out Melissa's diagnosis.  No matter how big the surprise or how special the treat, I was always left disappointed with the outcome.  Many of you that know may father may not know that he lost his mom at a very early age to cancer.  It is something that he very rarely talks about. He shared a story about her that really hit close to home for me.  He mentioned how, before she passed away, she would organize these family events in an effort to create these special moments that just never quite lived up to expectations.  As vague as he told the story, I still knew exactly what he meant and how she must have felt...and somehow, I felt a little better.  I have been frustrated so many times about the same kind of thing.  Christmas....I just wanted a special few moments with us, as a family, decorating the Christmas tree...and no matter how hard I tried, it was not destine to be a special moment.  Same issue occurred when we recently went to Virginia Beach and even the Jefferson in Richmond.  Fact is, you just can not force special moments...they just happen, and when they do, you better embrace them.

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